Saturday, 5 May 2012

omg PEOPLE ... DON'T DO IT!!!

Oh please my precious love warriors, HEAR my VOICE ... whatever you may find yourself doing in your world, be it the connections you make or the habits you borrow, under NO circumstance should you make someone or something else your GOD!!

... AND don't pretend you don't know WHAT I'M TALKIN ABOUT ...

You know, it's like all those things that you worship above and beyond all other things!

For example ...
 - like maybe how you have convinced yourself of the person whose ground you walk on is the brightest most special in the world;
 - or perhaps the habits that make you believe that you cannot LIVE without them;
 - for some, maybe it's the ideas that you must borrow/model in order to be someone (other than who you already are) in this world;
- or is it the newest and bestest of everything just so you can identify with the feelings of acceptance and worthiness ...

OHHHH now THAT's a BIGGY!!!  C'mon my precious lovelies, YOU know EXACTLY what I am talkin about .... and if you don't then please KEEP on reading as I've only just begun to address this topic!!

         NO, NO, NO, NO and NO... DON'T DO IT!!!

OK fair enough, why should you believe any of what I am saying here on this blog?
What makes ME the expert on this topic?

"Well, simply because I have danced the dance and I know with every fiber of my being how it all ends in the heart!  I have tasted the fragrance of losing oneself into another where the essence of who I am in heart, was not fully being transmitted or expressed.  There is nothing like the feeling of believing that you cannot be heard. True or not, that is at least how it feels on the inside!  All sense of purpose for one's existence can not be found ANYWHERE ... yet it is all intack, sacredly held in a space that is just waiting for embrace yet the longer you get distracted OR better yet, the more you give yourself up for another, the further away you become from the freedom of the heart song that is waiting to be heard!" - heart doctor

Ahhh, I cannot stress this enough simply because I have been there and watched many get swallowed up in the ocean of falsity, on more than one occasion.  Most people would not own up to such an action but this space is all about being REAL my peeps, and if you find it getting to be TOO much for the heart, this is exactly where you need to be so do STAY tuned RIGHT where you ARE!
Go grab yourself a latte and get comfy ...

This experience and basically choice that I am speaking of that one can so easily become captive to, does usually find its' way into one's space in a manner that is so inconspicuous!  It takes up residence when we least expect it, meaning our internal navigation system is down which leaves our egoic mind wide open to choose the latest flavors of the month that we are tricked into believing are the answer to the "rockstar" style life we are craving!

Now I realize that some of us reading this are NOT on a mission to become ROCKSTARS persay but the energy flowing behind that kind of personna and RECOGNITION/ADORATION can and does resonate and touch most of us in different arenas of our lives. All you need to do is look at how much time and energy goes into bettering ourselves and our lifestyles be it with the peeps we hang with, or the clothes we wear, or the places we MUST BE SEEN at ...  You get my point!

It's like those crazy wedding/party crasher people, you know the one's that just show up out of nowhere that you believe are part of the moment's celebration and tapestry only to realize at a later date that they somehow just strategically snuck in uninvited and in most cases, are unnoticed until the party's already started ... and I mean, way started!!

"This scenario can only be possible when we do not have mechanisms in place to monitor the comings and goings of our thoughts and deepest intentions!  If there is not a doorman in place checking the tickets for entry, you will be surprised what can sneak through uninvited!"- heart doctor

On a much more simple note, if we do NOT take heed to what is truly important and if we do not take measure in connecting with truth in heart, we will inevitably leave the door to our experiences WIDE open to be determined with whatever it is the ego finds itself attracted to!  The danger in this is that the ego will NEVER guide you in the direction INWARD but rather it will take you on a wild goose chase down a road after everything that will seemingly appear to bring you the real happiness you are seeking, outwardly ...  NOT!!!

hey ... wait for me!!!!


It is perfectly alright to appreciate, question, give gratitude, seek understanding and be open to learning what you need in order to align with your OWN path, but whatever you do, DO NOT IMITATE and COPY someone else's heartsong!!

There is enough to go around, you are magnificent in your OWN way, so much that you DO NOT NEED to become the same as or to clone another person or thing in order to feel comfortable in your beautiful skin!!!  The quicker you realize this, the quicker you will find yourself in complete flow with the universe and all of it's abundance! 

YOU are enough, YOU are unique, YOU are what the world is waiting for, there are no mistakes for why you ARE who YOU are!  Teachers and mentors, at least the authentic ones anyways, are there to recognize YOUR potential, not steal it! They are there to reflect back to you YOUR brilliance, not their's so that you can feel the truth of YOUR awesomeness and KNOW that it exists within YOU and not because they have to give it to you! 


If you need help and are ready to ask for it, by all means do so but the moment a person tries to enlighten your heart with means of scarcity ... please turn around and walk the other way!  YOU have EVERYTHING you need already inside of you! My advice to anyone needing a helping hand is to work only with those that are ready to share a safe space ... no one can heal you and if they tell you they can they are sadly mistaken and most likely have placed themselves first in the equation of serving YOU!!  Don't give in to what your mind is being tricked into thinking, use your DISCERNMENT and allow only your heart to hear the heartbeat of your song!!  We all have been given a unique soulful blueprint, this is where your greatest gifts can be found!!

"own your life, embrace your heart and let your song be heard ..."

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

He said, she said … but where is the love?

Welcome back my sweetpeas ... I have decided that before I continue on and post more delicious sharings, I am going to include this one which I had previously written over a year ago on a different blog!  The timing is simply divine and the reason I am including it here on this site is because when I did write it way back when, I received many comments pertaining to the realness of the content!  THINGS that common folk not just spiritual crazies (like me), could relate quite effortlessly to.

So please forgive if you have already read this and if not, do enjoy and I hope it touches the heart in ways that will help you to release whatever ties that bind! Big love and hugs from the heart doctor ...

RELATIONSHIPS, ahh yes, they are delightful experiences in many ways! Even if you are not presently involved with that “special somebody”, our entire existence is really based around learning to deal with some form of inter-relatedness and connection. Even if you have chosen the extreme scenario and have completely removed yourself from any kind of human connection, the reality is that you still have a relationship with yourself and your physical surroundings to contend with.

Today though I would like to talk about our connections to other people, actually about our love connections.

How many of us have experienced the nasty moments of some form of betrayal within that very intimate, sacred space we share with another? It doesn’t even have to be tainted with the “sexual betrayal” brush, it can include any kind of situation that causes either you or your other half to have feelings of distrust of some form, or pain brought about because of untruths being spoken or truths not being spoken!

When this sort of thing lands in our heart space, what is the real message? Honestly, what are we to do with this sometimes devastating and numbing sensation that permeates every fiber of our being? Well, lets take a closer look at perhaps an alternative way of interpreting this very real occurrence. I am not going to share a psychological perspective but rather a personal view through the eyes of the “heart doctor“!

What ROLE do YOU usually PLAY?


VICTIM or PERPETRATOR is the beginning point that will allow us to see a deeper gift buried within the offering. In this delightful dance of betrayal, the players are either on the side of victim or that of perpetrator and actually throughtout the entire number, can switch sides at anytime as a means of keeping the music alive. What most don’t and cannot realize or even see at that point in time is the gift of freedom that lies within the exchange. Let me explain!

I am not saying that betrayal is a nice experience for anyone to have to deal with but the opportunity of course, should one choose, is to embrace the moment fully and own up to a personal responsibility and accountability that is being brought to the forefront of the shared relationship. You see, the deepest truth here about ALL RELATIONSHIPS be it family, friends, acquaintances or lovers is really to reflect back to you your deepest essence.

"So if you find yourself engaged in something like a betrayal, the freedom and release will come ONLY when you are able to OWN the experience and use your god-given ability to either RESPOND with love instead of the usual tendancy most of us two legged creatures automatically flow to, that being a fear based REACTION." - heart doctor

If this is too much for the mind to take in lets try looking at it this way. What if you were to hit the pause button long enough for the drama to stop playing out on the physical realm in order for you to have a safe space in which to become accountable, for not only your contribution, but also for you to choose your next moment of offering? You see, if both parties were able to face the inadequacy in this manner, the resolve would be completely different than what most folks are used to experiencing when this sort of thing finds its way to their door.

But WHY would we want to do this you ask?


If we as humans are able to actively engage our spirits to fill the void we temporarily feel, not only would we be lifted to higher levels of understanding and compassion (which is an ultimate achievement on its own) we would be able to live in harmony instead of the ways of separation that actually keep us longing to feel complete. More relationships would survive and OUR SELF RELATIONSHIP would prosper to levels the mind can’t even begin to fathom!

This sense of awakened freedom is what helps us to REMEMBER the TRUTH of WHO WE REALLY ARE! Without this knowing we will always find ourselves in battle with the illusions that plague our deeper purpose! So my beauties the choice is ALWAYS yours to make.

The next time you find yourself smack dap in the middle of some form of betrayal, do remember these words and find the courage within to try a different approach!! It does REALLY work ~ If you feel that your heart would like to have more clarity on this subject, please don’t hesitate to contact me …

“own your life, engage your heart and let your song be heard my people”

Saturday, 28 April 2012

"excuse ME ... has anybody seen the missing parts of ME??"

No really, I'm SERIOUS!! I know they were once here but for the life of me, I cannot seem to find any of these all to familar things anymore and I do not KNOW what the heck is happenin'!

Sound familar to any of you precious lovelies?  Well, if you have ever found yourself in the middle of some kind of monumental somethin, a mid life crisis perhaps, or even something as common as a breakup ... let me just remind you that it is NOT uncommon to experience this kind of mental perception and/or craziness! In fact, it is usually the effect that we all are left with once all of the dust settles to the bottom of our consciousness!

Is it FUN? Absolutely NOT!!  This is the time when things really begin to get confusing, frustrating and just down right nasty to our emotional stability!  This can be the impetus also for one to find themselves sitting on a couch in a psychiatrist's office in an attempt to begin the process of opening up what may end up being years and years of emotional baggage and spiritual CONSTIPATION!!!

OK so are we FULL OF emotional and maybe even physical CRAP??  How can one really be sure that what we are feeling is not just who we are?  This is a great question because this is the point of NO RETURN!  Once we embrace the courage and decide to ask ourselves this somewhat daunting question, our world will NEVER be the same ever again!

WHY you ask?

Because once this gateway opens, all of the so called CRAP begins to empty out. Let me just say, this process is not highly enjoyable to any of the human senses but if you can perservere and trust the process, you will soon find yourself and your spirit, heading toward the finish line with a huge gift of TRUTH awaiting your embrace!  WORD of CAUTION though ... once the flood of crap begins to flow you must do 3 things:

1. Find a safe place to go
2. Don't pick it up and look at it
3. Don't pick it up and throw it at anyone ... let it simply be flushed away!!!

So WHAT really HAPPENS during this spiritual CLEANSING anyways?

Reader's digest version .... FREEDOM and UNDERSTANDING, MOVEMENT and JOY

Once the untruth is removed from our beings, as it pertains to whatever the physical experience it is you find yourself entrapped in, there is an element of peace that comes as the result.  Peace in the sense that we are finally able to LET GO of the pain and resistance (which actually is the cause of pain in most cases) that has held us captive in delusion. We not only realize that we have the power to release the chains that bind but more importantly, we are gifted with a deeper insight into WHO we really ARE!!

Let me say this again, we are given the opportunity to STOP the blame game and all the projections that we have become so accustomed to using as a means of shielding ourselves from our deepest truth.

Let's face it, it is always easier to put the load on someone else and make them feel the responsiblity for the reasons why we are not happy or enjoying the things we think we deserve.  THIS my PEOPLE is a very hard pill to digest for some because the LAST thing the ego wants to do is give away its power, especially to the heart!  Here is where is gets fun though, hypothetically speaking of course, because we as personalities living in a human body do NOT consciously realize the name of this game and the profound effect it has on our emotions.

Unless we have been opened to the reality and truth of who and why we are here on this planet in the first place, the movement into this higher enlightened truth will seem like "woohoo talk" to most!  Hence the reason this planet, (and yours), is so filled to capacity with a monstrosity of ridiculous, hurtful expressions and outbursts!

Ok so let's recap as I seem to have gone on a wee tangent from a "love break up" to wars and world craziness ... please know that it is ALL RELATED!!!

Simply speaking, when we find ourselves disengaged within self, experiencing sadness and pain it is because the eyes we are using to see through are not reflecting truth that is in our heart.  We are caught in a game that NO ONE can win when the ego is the force behind each move. 

"Our sense of self will only be revealed ONCE we see the perfection, love and complete wholeness of life that each of us embodies.  When we develop this kind of vision for self, it will expand outwards and continue to do so until it reaches the depth of the universe!" - heart doctor

IT ALL BEGINS with EACH of us .... WE need to become the change we wish to see in this world, as spoken by Ghandi ... our personal world as well as the world at large!

So if you are presently out of a relationship that has hurt the heart, do yourself a huge favor and take the time to release yourself from something that is no longer the truth!  Give yourself the permission to grieve for the time it takes for you to release it out, perhaps the loss of dream that was held within that person, in order to rejoice the gift of love that the heart was able to experience!  There is a gift of learning in EVERYTHING we do .. it is up to us to find it and receive it!

This is where real change can come ... for you and for everyone you LOVE!

... "own your life, engage your heart and let your heartsong be heard my people" ...

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

no more SEX AND THE CITY people!!!

OK, so now that I have your attention ... and it's not because I am going to use this post to reflect on all past episodes of one of my all time fav tv shows, no that would be just way too much fun! Just for the record though, do know that I absolutely LOVE that show and it doesn't matter how many reruns I watch, I still appreciate it so much!!  Actually I probably wouldn't be able to pick just a few to critique as I found each show so incredibly wonderful in its creation and expression due to the fact of just how REAL their on-screen life was to so many living off screen.

Kind of hard to turn a blind eye to topics and issues that seem very natural to the evolution of our growing love population. Although I may not have personally fit into anyone of the characters portrayed in the Sex and the City series with respect to how my life has been sculpted, that certainly doesn't mean I couldn't relate to the very powerful situations of learning and growth that each episode seemed to offer their fan base, regardless of age, sex, race etc.

POINT OF INTEREST ... "when dealing with issues of the heart and love, EVERY breathing person fits into the category! We are all love and we all have a heart!
Where the experience takes on a totally different reality than that description, is in HOW we choose to love and if it is from the heart OR from the second chakra!"

EVERYTHING is ENERGY and ENERGY is EVERYTHING ...  and the importance lies COMPLETELY  in how we choose to USE IT ... or not!

Do we hold onto it and direct it for self fulling enjoyment OR are we consciously serving it through a heart sharing with the intent of raising the universal calibration (frequency) for purposes of enlightenment?

The very first post ever written to birth this blog explained the meaning of the elephant being used as the template behind the writings!  NOW, I will proceed to explain why it's called LOV*IN THE HEART so that you, my readers and love warriors can appreciate the entire energy behind this creative flow of this sacred sharing of the soul!

SEX and the CITY ... OR ... LOV*IN the HEART??  

The answer to this very question lies deep within the very chamber of your truest desires.  It has nothing to do about judgement of any kind whatsoever and doesn't even suggest one being better than the other. HOWEVER, it does have EVERYTHING to do with the energy behind the exchange AND the aftermath of the experience in relation to the heart!

Both have a unique purpose, from the place of the ego and that of the universal energy flow and chakra system within each of our divinity. 
The correlation I am drawing here is based on the spiritual aspect versus that of merely the physical connection. 

I make reference to Sex IN the City (that being of our physical instruments and how we utilize our bodies) to that of LovIN the Heart.  The later being how we move the sexual energy up into the heart chakra from the second chakra in order to experience a taste of the divine instead of just mere orgasmic release!  Depending on which path of union we decide upon will determine the final outcome in terms of the feelings that we are left with in relation to the very exchange through the chosen act of companionship.

I know, CRAZY way of looking at it BUT honestly not that far off the money my precious people!
The idea of having that committed, loving relationship first with self and then to be able to share that with another is absolutely SPECTACULAR!  If we are to be honest with our hearts, most would agree that this IS the most desired outcome the soul is seeking to experience and share in.

Isn't that what the entire series of Sex and the City led us to embrace ... from beginning to end, the quest through the many different journeys seeking OUTSIDE oneself in order to find the INTIMACY that is each our inherent birthright and found only when we allow ourselves the gift of movement up into heart  ... (once again, if we choose to ignite the courage and faith that are key to this inner discovery).

This is NOT an easy process by any stretch of the imagination, especially when we have come to believe that our existence, happiness and true joy depends solely on outside circumstances being fulfilled at the control of someone or something else other than ourselves! 

When we choose to fire up the sexual energy of the second chakra and project it outward to another for mere physical pleasure instead of connecting to the divinity and sacredness of the ignition that will result in the transfer up and into the heart, we are SELLING ourselves SHORT! In other words, we will be waiting a very long time, perhaps engaging in many flavors of the month just hoping that one of them will SATISFY  the insatiable appetite and craving for something so REAL and definitely DREAMY!

Perhaps if the show had of been called Sex IN the City as opposed to Sex AND the City ... the search for the meaning of love IN the heart would not have been portrayed with elements of such illusion and separation.  I speak this from a place of seeing "sex" as the second chakra and "city" as our personal human vessel.  There is a profound and fundamental difference when any energy is directed inward or outward ... the heart KNOWS this difference as does the peace, contentment  and freedom of the soul! 

So here we all sit with the most incredible opportunity before us! EVERY MOMENT of the day, every blessed BREATH we take, we can choose to say YES to venturing higher and deeper, regardless of whether or not we are presently in or exploring a relationship with another; to open up to and embrace the path dictated by meaningful connection and one of massive internal transformation!

Here are a few questions to ponder as a basis of your meditation and or introspection: 

"Are you ready to let go of EVERYTHING you once believed to be true in order to experience and have EVERYTHING that IS TRUTH?

"Are you ready to receive the sacred call that flows through you?'

"Are you ready to walk into WHO YOU ARE?"

... that magnificent bundle of love and light the world has been waiting so patiently for to show up, that is YOU!!! ...

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Why the ELEPHANT you might ask?

Yes, of all the background templates one can use why on heaven's earth would I choose that of a grey elephant?  How does that even relate to the entire intent and premise behind the writings and purpose of this blog?

WELL, let me just say, IT DOES!! 

The elephant jumped out at me for various reasons of course. Not only do I LOVE these big creatures, they have an incredible medicine that totally aligns with the deepest purpose of this blog's content sharing.  Here is a little description of the wonders of this medicine as written by Ina Woolcott ...

Elephant's medicine includes strength, royalty, connection to ancient wisdom, removal of obstacles and barriers, confidence, patience, using education opportunities, commitment, gentleness, communicating in relationships, discernment, intelligence, compassion. 

Elephants can teach us that gentleness, commitment, and communication in relationships is very powerful and necessary to keep relationships alive, trusting and loving, whether it be friends, family or partner. Deeply committed to all creatures with whom they have relationships, elephants are tough when protecting others and gentle when nurturing them.  Elephants are able to communicate telepathically. This can teach us how to truly listen to others.

Elephants show us that by supporting and loving one another, our own ability to thrive in the physical world is enhanced. We learn from them to pass on the gift of nurturing we received in our early years, be it from our biological family or others who helped us grow into who we are now. We must honour the elders of our community and nurture the young. Like the elephant, we need to help ease the transitions of those who are going into adulthood with gentle love, wisdom, patience and compassion. By having open hearts and minds, we can create strong relationships within the community, therefore building a strong community.

Elephants communicate telepathically with herd members as well as other elephants. As we choose to become closer and more open with those dear to us, our ability to understand them can deepen to a level that transcends speech.

Having an elephant totem gives you ancient wisdom and power to draw upon. They are the embodiment of strength and power. People with this power animal often have a very strong sex drive.

Elephant tusks point backwards. They use them as weapons and for digging edible roots. From a spiritual point of view this hints at an ability to uncover the hidden memories and bring them to the fore for evaluation and healing. Let go.

The connection to me is very sweet ... the qualities inherent within the elephant are the SAME qualities found within an open, loving heart.  If we really follow the teachings of this animal totem there is NO way that one can engage and embrace life with something other than love! LOVE for the heart, love IN the heart and LOVE for all hearts!  This is just one way we can choose to model and aspire to reach the heights of mastery within self ... to have the kind of love that surpasses all things and leaves one with the abundance of oneness and reverence for all of life!

NOW of course, the choice is ALWAYS up to us! 

So as you sit down and ponder what direction this person is taking, please just know it is coming from a deep appreciation and gratitude for being able to recognize and realize the magnificence in each and every one of us! This blog will highlight many life situations and experiences of what may be known as "the pink elephant" syndrome of the ego, to better find that divine path of inner direction to the sacred heart.  Thus, bringing in the enlightenment of the majestic soul that awaits each of us love warriors willing to digest and integrate this greater gift of wisdom, this powerful teaching of LOVE!!